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Filling Your Eyewear Prescription

What is your “prescription”?

Having your eyeglasses made from your prescription is more complicated than merely matching the numbers written on your prescription form. The numbers indicate the amount of your nearsightedness, farsightedness, and/or astigmatism, but are only a small part of what makes your glasses comfortable, usable, and effective for all your vision needs.

How do you know what to choose?

There are literally thousands of combinations of lens designs, materials, frames, tints, and coatings available to you for any single pair of glasses. Making the correct choice is critical to your ability to enjoy your eyewear and use it to its fullest potential. As you don’t purchase glasses every day, you should do everything you can to assure yourself that you are making a well informed decision, and receiving the best your money can buy.

Eye Exam
Your Choices

Years ago, filling an eyewear prescription was much easier. Fewer frame styles were available, lenses were only made out of two materials, and there were only a few types of bifocals and other specialty lenses from which to choose. These choices “had to” be right for your needs, as there were few alternatives.

Today, things are much different, much more complicated. Technology has given us more choices. Which of these alternatives you choose for your needs will determine how clear, comfortable, and functional your glasses will be.


There is a greater variety of frames available today than ever before. Literally thousands of shapes, sizes, and designs are available to you. Not all, though, are appropriate for every prescription. Choosing a frame too large may make it uncomfortable. Too small a frame may make some types of multifocals unusable. Certain prescriptions are inappropriate for “wrap-around” styles. Some styles are great for part-time wear, others better for full-time prescription needs. We select frames from companies known for their style, quality, and dependability, and for standing behind their products. We can assure you that your choice will be appropriate for your needs, while stylish and comfortable, as well.


Lens Materials

Your choice of available lens materials is becoming greater every day. New, high-tech materials allow us to give you lighter, safer, more versatile lenses than ever before. Lenses can be thinner, can darken in sunlight, and protect you from harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. Various tints can be added to prevent discomfort caused by sunlight, computer screens, or indoor fluorescent lights. New coatings can protect the lenses from scratching, increase contrast and reduce glare at night, make your glasses more attractive, and protect your eyes from the sun’s glare.

However, not every material, tint, or coating is appropriate for every prescription. Some prescriptions are less comfortable when made from certain materials. As with frames, some are better for part-time needs, some better for full-time wear. Of course, our lenses are the finest quality available, chosen from the finest manufacturers in the industry.

It takes experience, along with taking the time to learn your needs to help you choose the combination that is right for you.

Lens Designs

Your choice of lens design will have a tremendous bearing on your ability to wear your prescription eyewear comfortably and use it to its potential. You can choose from half-eye or full-field designs for reading glasses. Bifocals, trifocals, and other multifocal designs may have lines of different sizes, or no lines at all, as with the newest progressive-addition multifocal lenses. There are new, special lens designs for computer users or others who spend a great deal of time doing near work.  Digital technology now allows us to fabricate "high definition" lenses as well.

As these designs become more complex and specialized, their measurement and alignment in your frame becomes more critical to your success and comfort using them. Each design has specific measurement requirements, based on your prescription and needs. Our technical staff has been specially trained to take these measurements and help you decide what will work best for you.

There are also special designs for athletes who play baseball, football, basketball, racquetball, or tennis, or who scuba dive or swim. These can improve performance while increasing safety.

Prescription Eyeware Primer

Our Guarantee - Our Promise to You

When we fill your prescription for eyewear, we will settle for no less that the finest in materials, workmanship, and design.

We can promise you:

• Our tolerance for prescription accuracy is the tightest in the eyecare business. Our material suppliers know this, and our fabricating laboratories know this. We will never settle for anything less.

• We will stand behind the materials we provide you, without exception. All of our frames are guaranteed for one year against manufacturer's defects, and our anti-reflective coatings are guaranteed for one year against scratches, chipping and cracking. Your frames will be functional and dependable. Your eyewear will meet your needs and expectations, or we will make any necessary changes to assure that they do. You are never “stuck” with a choice that proves to be less than satisfactory for you. If you and the doctor decide to make a change for any reason, it will be done at no additional cost to you (unless, of course, the new choice would have been more expensive in the first place - you then only pay the difference).

• Your glasses, especially the new, more complicated designs, must be fitted properly to provide maximum utility and comfort. We encourage you to return whenever necessary to maintain proper adjustment. Just give us a call.

There is, of course, no charge for these guarantees. This is the way we wish to care for our patients. We wouldn’t do it any other way.

A Word About Costs

We have set our fees with fairness in mind. We endeavor to provide you with the finest in personalized care, an experienced staff, and first quality materials. We don’t try to be the “cheapest”. But if you compare, you will find that our fees are truly competitive with many of the high-profile commercial outlets that just sell glasses.

If multiple prescriptions best suit your needs, second and third pairs ordered at the same time cost you less because it costs us less. As we have said before, our concern for your needs is what you should expect from your doctor, and we value that you have chosen to come to us for your eye care.

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